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GIFT A coaching or hypnotherapy SESSION

You want to do something to help others, do your bit, but you are unsure what exactly. You may know someone who needs help, who could do with a mindset shift, a bit of support, or a confidence boost but you don't have the tools to help them. 

You can gift someone a session or a package of your choice. It can be for someone you choose or someone you don’t know. You decide.

It can be anonymous or you can be celebrated as the benefactor on social media.

You can help. 

Brings good Karma
to your life

Imagine making it possible for someone.


How do I do this?

You can either send me a message so I can organise this or book directly from the website by clicking here and let me know.

Some Questions you Might Have...

Can I just buy one session instead of a whole programme?

Yes, you can gift a single 60 minute session (currently £160) or an intensive breakthrough session (currently £550).

Can I gift it to a stranger or does it have to be someone I know?

Is the gift anonymous or will they know it is from me?

However you wish it to be. It is really great for the receiver to know who it is from, as they are so grateful and always want to say thank you. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you will be known as the wonderful secret benefactor.

If I gift to a stranger, how will that person be chosen?

You can look for and choose someone or I can pick someone for you. I offer one free coaching programme per month and do work in the community, so I have plenty of candidates!

Either one is an amazing act of kindness. Some of my clients choose to gift a session or programme to a loved one after seeing the incredible shift within them. Some feel like giving something back to the universe and ask me to choose.

Can you make a personalised gift card for the recipient?

Yes of course, a beautifully presented gift card will be sent either via post or email..

Can you mention my gift on social media?

Yes of course, with your permission, I would be delighted to share your story of kindness and love spreading. If you donate as a business, your business will also be mentioned.

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